Club Projects Implemented During 2008 – 2009 Rotary Year

  • Charity Concert. Collected funds for charity – LTL 12 000.
  • Literatu g. projektas ( – essence of the project – renovation of the part of the street in Vilnius old town, fixing on one of the walls art works of Lithuanian artists. Total amount of the project is LTL 14 000.
  • Project „Art for Children“ – education project for school children. They can visit museums and participate in various workshops for minimal fee. Total amount is LTL 5 000.
  • Project „National Academy of Schoolchildren“ ( – is the project aiming at development of young talents of Lithuania. The Club allocated LTL – 12 000 lt. That amount was gathered during the Charity Concert of the Club.
  • Our Club together with other Rotary Clubs of Vilnius was participating in the II stage of joint project „Lets be together. Rehabilitation Equipment“. The Club allocated LTL 5 000. The funds were used for acquisition of equipment for Visoriai rehabilitation Centre.
  • Renovation of staircase in Black Virgin Chapel – the Club was asked to monitor the transferring of charity from Swiss benefactor to the account of Bishop Office and also to monitor the conversations with Bishop Office and the implementation of the agreed works. Total project amount EUR 30 000.
  • The Club allocated LTL 2200 as awards for 8 most capable schoolchildren of Rimdžiūnai and Pelesa schools. Those schools are in Belarus.
  • Project in remembrance of famous artist and musician Napoleonas Orda. The Club decided to finance publication of CD. Total project amount – LTL 2 500 will be transferred in autumn 2009.